Improve the back office performance of your hotel.

EISI HOTEL allows you to optimise the management, workflow and operational analysis of key hotel departments on a single platform.

Join the software platform used by industry leaders

Maximise the benefits of your hotel

Increase productivity

Improve staff performance thanks to the paradigm shift provided by the digitisation of operations and professional development.

Streamline Costs

Streamline your hotel’s operating costs by optimising the processes of key departments

Improve efficiency

Ensure optimal performance thanks to real-time information that allows your hotel to reduce resolution times and optimise processes, consumption, and resources.

All your hotel operations digitised

Work orders

Manage requests and departmental incidents

Task scheduling

Define and manage scheduled tasks, preventive maintenance and quality planning.

Standards and processes

Set up, manage, and oversee corporate standards and processes.


Technical-legal supervision, snagging lists and quality assurance

Swimming pool and Spa management

Manage and record swimming pool parameters to ensure compliance with RD 742/2013 and/or other local regulations.

Legionella prevention

Maintenance plan and legionella control to ensure compliance with RD 865/2003, UNE 100030-2017 and/or other local regulations.

HACCP Management

Create and register the hazard and critical control points (HACCP) plan.


Digitise readings for electricity, fuel, water, chemical products, and waste.

Consumption management

Manage and monitor past and present consumption in real time through reports and exportable lists.

Virtual meters

Option to create virtual meters based on real ones, either to convert parameters or to carry out calculations between them.

Carbon Footprint

Automatically calculate the real-time environmental impact of your business for different sources of emissions.

Cleaning & Inspection

Change room cleaning status and inspection reports.


Quick assignment/distribution of rooms and daily tasks. Department heads can set up and manage available room ranges.

Room Status

Real-time updating of room status: VIP treatment, 'do not disturb", block room, etc.

Interdepartmental communication

Real-time communication with reception, other departments, and maintenance reporting.

Lost & Found

Create notifications for lost items. Record, track, and locate all lost items in the hotel.


Digitise minibar consumption records. Manage and track minibar charges and/or restocking.

Customer relationship management

Customer traceability from check in to post-check out with the possibility to create tracking alarms.

Incident management

Centralisation and management of complaints, compliments and requests from multiple channels on a single platform.

Create work orders

Creation of work orders in the same module with the possibility of linking to the reservation.

Data analysis and reports

Detailed reports on reported incidents with top 10 of the requests made.

Shift management

Manage your team’s work schedule on the same platform. Create, assign, and amend shifts.

Building record

Define and manage scheduled tasks, preventive maintenance and quality planning.

External Suppliers

Automate the management of services offered by external suppliers in your hotels.


Automate the audit and hotel accessibility evaluation process Manage and record accessibility parameters to ensure compliance with UNE 170001:2007.

Streamline operations and improve tracking


Digitise staff actions using mobile devices. Avoid transcription errors, reduce paper use, and enter real-time data into a powerful analysis tool.


Information updated in real time through a single platform.

Unlimited users

Unlimited and free creation of users to use the platform.

User hierarchy

Different features according to user hierarchy: Staff, departmental heads/hotel managers and corporate directors.

Work offline

If you lose your internet connection, all the information will be saved on the platform, and when the connection is up and running again all the information will be sent to the server.

Intuitive user-friendly interface

Interface designed for any user profile and to overcome the digital divide.

The best defence for inspections and audits.

By digitising actions and records, you can ensure their traceability and access to information on a single platform with a few simple clicks in the event of an audit or inspection. You won’t have to search for the AZ of the required plan and the date indicated.

If you don’t measure, you cannot improve

Hotel managers
Corporate managers

Reports and dashboards to ensure the smooth running of your hotel.

Supervision of operations and compliance in the hotel.

Real-time current and past diagnostics of the hotel.

Anticipation of hotel pain points.

Reports and dashboards to ensure the smooth running of the hotel chain.

Geographical and comparative reports.

Corporate hotel and chain reports.

Supervision of operations and compliance For all hotels in the chain.

Automatic centralised propagation of operating changes to all hotels.

We are integrated onto multiple platforms.

EISI HOTEL can be integrated into various types of platforms to facilitate your hotel management

Implantamos EISI HOTEL por departamentos y áreas, de manera progresiva, y ha supuesto un salto cualitativo en la digitalización y estandarización de los procesos de nuestros 35 hoteles. La clave del éxito reside en la sencillez de la herramienta y la buena sintonía con el equipo de EISI SOFT, siempre dispuesto a reflejar nuestro feedback en la plataforma y a adaptarse a nuestras necesidades.

Victor Ribas, Dir. Mantenimiento

Playasol Ibiza Hotels

EISI HOTEL es clave para alcanzar la excelencia operativa en cada área. La herramienta, intuitiva y completa, permite elevar el nivel de comunicación interna entre los diferentes departamentos alcanzando así una mayor eficiencia, lo que repercute en la satisfacción de nuestros clientes, que es nuestro principal objetivo.

Jerome Gateau, GM

Marriott La Sella Golf Resort & Spa

En Hotelatelier, apostamos por la calidad como parte esencial de la experiencia del cliente. Confiamos en EISI HOTEL para llevar a cabo una digitalización, monitorización y gestión de los procesos operativos de todas las áreas de negocio. Nos ha permitido trabajar de forma centralizada, poner en valor el dato e identificar e implantar con éxito la mejora continua en la calidad del servicio.

Edurne Vázquez, Chief Strategic Officer


Optimise back office management and get the best version of your hotel

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