Manage your business’s quality and Health & Safety plans

Digitise the management and tracking of plans for legionella, pool management, and HACCP.

Take control of the hygiene, health, and safety of your hotel

Information traceability

Track information and data reliability in real time (pencil whipping).

Automatic reporting

Create real-time reports automatically to facilitate justifications for inspections

Assignment of tasks

Assignment of preventive actions to teams.

Alerts for parameters out of range

Minimise error and avoid possible health and hygiene problems.

Automate management of your legionella prevention plan.

Manage and record compliance with legislation regarding legionella prevention.

Manage tasks and set up seasons.

Manage all incidents in your business and plan and manage preventive maintenance. Past preventive action taken and season-specific settings should your hotel close at any point during the year so the system does not display tasks less than one month old.

Hotel documentation

Attach precise information about your team: certificates by year, tests carried out, etc., for the purpose of inspections or external audits.

View status reports

View record summaries, the status of tasks for the month selected, and analyse the risk map.

Ensure proper management of swimming pools.

Manage and record parameters to ensure compliance with legislation regarding pool water quality.

Manage incidents and enter readings

Enter water quality readings in real time using mobile devices or remote readings. Alerts for parameters out of range and automatic creation of work orders.

Measurement of parameters and public projection

View internal or lab readings, print out samples of the latest tests and project them onto the screen so your customers can see them.

Attach supporting documentation

Autocontrol protocol, record openings and closures, and automatically generate XLM document to import onto the SILOÉ platform of the Department of Health.

Improve food safety with the HACCP plan

Digitise the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points plan

Create and manage work orders and scheduled tasks

Record parameters of the plan and create maintenance incidents linked to tasks performed if required.

Keep track of records

Possibility of viewing and overseeing additional information and actions linked to tasks performed to ensure proper control and monitoring of critical health and hygiene points.

Reporting for individual plans and external audits

View information about the performance of tasks and the weighted score assigned by the external audit to the HACCP plan, generating non-compliance reports in real time.

Ensure health, hygiene, and safety in your hotel.

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