Optimise your hotel management

Digitise shift management, building records, hotel accessibility, and communication with external suppliers.

Transform the way your hotels are managed

Secure storage

Keep all documentation and information relating to your hotel or staff organised and in the same place, securely stored, without having to worry about space.

Customer communication

Improve your communication with customers, minimise errors, avoid inconveniencing them, and improve their experience at your hotel.

Hotel accessibility

Detect issues and take corrective action in real time to facilitate the audit process.

Draw up shift schedules more easily and quickly

Manage different types of shifts and streamline changes and management.

Manage shifts more efficiently

Digitise and unify scheduling on the same platform.

Create and assign staff

Draw up generic or tailored morning, afternoon, and/or night shifts. Assign shifts by day or week, and add up to 3 shifts for the same day.

Possibility of filtering and showing which employees are working each shift on the selected day.

Edit previously created shifts

Amend employee shifts on a specific day whenever necessary.

Save and share schedules

Print and export schedules to PDF format to share them with your team.

Guarantee secure management for your business.

Digitise your hotel’s document management and accessibility.

Keep all your information in one place, in the Building Record.

Update, add, and organise into folders all the documentation required to facilitate your team’s work.

Track documentation for RSBs (Recognised Supervisory Bodies), facilities, etc.

Set up and manage corrective actions

Set up corrective actions through any department, notifying Technical Services in real time of issues that affect your hotel accessibility.

Create and track instances of non-compliance

Record and track actions that require external investment or intervention.

View reports detailing results for audits.

Record and schedule audits: keep track of record entries and associated issues, and schedule corrective actions prior to the audit.

View real-time reports of records kept for the purposes of audit justification.

Optimise time and cut costs with our Marketplace of external suppliers.


Automate the management of services offered by external suppliers in your hotels.


Real-time communications between customers and suppliers.

Requests and services

Create and manage work orders for suppliers, manage work orders, accept quotes, request preventive maintenance services, etc.

Management and certifications

Register new contracts and conditions established with suppliers, and manage invoices received from the supplier. Accept, review, and reject invoices.

Digitise and manage your business more efficiently.

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