Automate energy consumption management and your hotel’s carbon footprint.

Software to digitise consumption and automate your environmental impact.

Take control of your hotel’s energy management.

Meter settings

Set up and manage meters. Define parameters for locations within your business, record real-time readings, and set up alerts when unusual values are recorded.

Real-time reports

Automatic reports to make strategic decisions and reduce or off-set emissions based on different operating scenarios.

Multi-business management

For easy management of the whole chain, track and view the actions of each hotel.


View data for different periods of time, displaying consumption results and occupancy ratios for your business.

Calculate your business consumption in real time.

Digitise the recording, management, and control of energy and water consumption.


Enter readings for electricity, fuel, refrigerant gases, and waste. Automatic alerts for unusual entries to avoid errors. Option to make justified changes to readings via PC view

Previous readings

View previous supply readings for the required period of time. Option to export data to a spreadsheet that can be adapted to other environments.

Virtual meters

Option to create virtual meters based on real ones, either to convert parameters or to carry out calculations between them.

Simplify reducing the environmental impact of your hotel.

Automate the calculation of your businesses’ carbon footprint.

Carbon Footprint

Automatically calculate the tonnes of Co2eq generated by your business so you can reduce, off-set, and calculate your carbon footprint by source of emission.

Compare different periods

Compare your environmental impact across different periods to ensure the actions taken to reduce emissions are having the desired impact.

Measure scope 1 and scope 2 impacts

Compare emissions produced by burning fuels (scope 1) and through the consumption of electricity (scope 2).

Take your hotel's sustainability to the next level.

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